All practicants from all styles and from all countries are welcome to join in Krav Maga Sport Association.
        The KMSA accepts ranks from all organizations but the practicants must providing the rank certficates and pay the applicable fees. 
        By becoming a part of the KMSA you will hold international certification and international ranking.
        We have two types of affiliation:
        a) individual membership
        b) branch membership
        To register as an individual member you must send us a copy of your rank certificates and we will provide you rank recognize certificates form our organization.
        If you developed your own style or you if you want your martial arts school be recognize the KMSA can provide Certificates as the Founder, Soke, Head Instructor, etc. Also you can get an Instructor Certificate, Master Certificate, Grandmaster Certificate, Examiners License and conferment of traditional title certificate (i.e. Sensei, Renshi, Sifu s.a.) as well as other specialized certificates.
        If you want get graded or rank-up, the KMSA can review your skills in Martial Arts and if you have the required experience the Advisory Board can approved to grade you up to an appropiate rank-level.
        All certificates will be printed on thick paper, A3 format, full colored and high quality and design. The authenticity of the KMA certificates is confirmed by the signature of the President and Chief Advisory Board of KMSA and also have a registration number and official stamp of KMSA.
        Each member will receive a membership certificate and a Budopass.
        To register a branch the chief instructor must send us a copy of his rank a prove that he is the representant of that organisation. We will provide an International Dojo Certificate and School Recognition.
        For more informations about affiliations, grades and fees don't hesitate to send us a message.